Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Prisoner - A Day in the Life

A full cast audio dramatisation of one chapter from Hank Stine's book "The Prisoner - A Day in the Life" from 1970 starring...

played by Wink Taylor

Sir John
played by Tony Green

Incidental music and SFX and editing by Westley James Smith. Produced by Scott Burditt for Bandril Productions

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Doctor Who - The Two Deaths of Private Williams

A full cast Doctor Who audio adventure starring the rather awesome Wink Taylor as The Tenth Doctor


B2 The Two Deaths of Private Williams

To – Brigadier General H Lathby, Surgeon General, War Department, London, England

From – Colonel HG Evans, Senior Medical Officer, No 13 General Hospital, Brecourt, Belgium 


Received your note dated 10-09-17. Situation does appear to warrant further investigation. Have sent special investigator forthwith. Please arrange for storage of body and availability of witness statements upon his arrival. Do not speak of dead men walking to anyone. Do not disclose contents of autopsy report to anyone. Limit direct contact with the body. Henceforth the matter is directly under the control of our investigators. Accord them every courtesy

H Lathby
September 1917


The Two Deaths of Private Williams
written by Tony Green

The Doctor
Played by Wink Taylor

Played by Tracy Hughes

Colonel Evans
Played by Tony Green

CQMS Creed
played by Tony Green

Corporal Burt
played by Scott Burditt

Private Cassidy / Gelth
played by Scott Burditt

Sound Design and Editing 
by Scott Burditt

Incidental Music 
by Tony Diana

Doctor Who theme 
by Murray Gold

Thursday, 22 October 2015


The Happy Man
By Stephen Muppet

Main Cast:

The Eighth Doctor - played by Scott Burditt
Punk, the Doctor’s companion - played by Tegan Harris
The Happy Man played by Scott Burditt
Freddie, a loser played by Paul Phillips
Phil, another loser – played by Steve Green
Sergeant Steve Stanley, undercover cop - played by Terry Cooper
Unwin, Chief of Police - played by James Maton
De Little, the pathologist - played by Lee Orchard
Tony, drug dealer - played by Tony Green
Voice-off, Sound design and Music - Westley James Smith
Cover illustration - Paul Cooke

First stage editing - Scott Burditt
Special Thanks to Kurt Lin

Friday, 12 June 2015


What Dreams May Come is an askew look at a point in - No, that way be spoilers.  You’ll just have to listen. It’s written by John Davies, a writer and editor who has contributed to a number of anthologies. His first break came when he was commissioned by Big Finish to write Dear John for The Centenarian entry in their Short Trips range. This was followed by Plight of the Monkrah for Snapshots and Séance for Defining Patterns. Since then he has written for both entries of MIWK’s You and Who - Contact Has Been Made books and is a regular contributor to Cygnus Alpha fanzine (with whom he both wrote for and edited a charity Christmas anthology in 2013 called The Twelve Doctors of Christmas) and the Doctor Who Appreciation Society’s Celestial Toyroom magazine. He has also contributed to Shockeye’s Kitchen. His most recent work can be seen in another charity anthology, this time based on Amicus inspired horror stories, entitled Terrors of the Theatre Diabolique, Seasons of War, a further charity anthology based on the War Doctor incarnation of Doctor Who and on yet another charity book he’s again written for and edited celebrating fans’ love for Blake’s 7 for Watching Books (Blake’s Heaven). Upcoming projects include Hating to Love and You and Who Else, also for Watching Books.

Cybernory is performed and produced by Scott Burditt
Music: Far Behind by Silent Partner & 1812 Overture by Tchaikosvky

Monday, 11 May 2015

Doctor Who The Riddle of the Unicorn

When the Doctor and Cileste arrive in Oxfordshire in 1977 it quickly becomes clear that something is very wrong. The TARDIS appears to have been minutely drawn off course to a small theatre which has a reputation for being haunted. However, this is only one of many mysterious and unsettling events that the time travelers find themselves involved in.
Why is it raining outside during the hottest summer on record?
Why won’t any of the doors open?
Why are people from other time zones suddenly appearing in the theatre?
And…most disturbing of all, why do they die if they ignore the instructions of a mysterious voice on a telephone?
The Doctor must find the answers to these questions, and quickly, because he doesn’t know who the next call might be for….

The Doctor (Played by Scott Burditt)
Cileste, The Doctor’s companion (Played by Laura King)
Angela Brown (Played by Maria Crocker)
The Man ‘Mr Dry Hat’ (Played by Terry Atkinson)
Haskins, The Caretaker (Played by Tony Green)
The Tommy (Played by Lee Orchard)
The Voice (Played by Tracy Hughes)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

EXTERMINATE! The Waterworld Menace

In 1989, a national treasure was taken from the airwaves by a cruel and heartless broadcaster, despite a failed attempt at a revival some years later, it wasn’t until the 21st century that someone had the great idea to bring it back… but what if it had NEVER gone away?
What if Doctor Who had stayed in production these past twenty odd years? In a two-decade-long downward spiral of reduced budgets and increased viewer apathy? What if Season Twenty Four was only the beginning, and not the beginning of the end...

A full cast comedy play written by Andrew Tomlinson

Godfrey Butcher, (Played by Wink Taylor) A 59 yr old actor who isn’t very good. He once appeared in a play seen and enjoyed by The Queen, and she openly stated that she liked him. This got him the role of the 9th Doctor when David Hasselhof left after only 1 year. He is a terrible actor, and knows he will never get another gig as good as this, and knows that his job is safe because he has “Royal Approval” so he has been the Doctor for 18 years. Many people have tried to get him removed, but he knows that if he does leave, his only income will be from conventions, and he hates fans more than he hates the show.

Billy Oldroyd, (Played by Lee Rawlings) 41 yr old, sweaty, balding, thick as a plank seems to give off an unidentifiable stickiness. LOVES Godfrey with a fervour that most find if not downright sickening, somewhat disturbing. Has played the companion “Kumkwik” for 16 years. Will do ANYTHING for Godfrey, sometimes whether he wants him to or not…

Terry Proudfoot (Played by Jonathan Rocket) 43 yr old, Executive Producer of Dr Who, sent to the show as the latest in a long line of serious Producers who have dared to upset the higher authorities at the BBC. Terry is an investigative documentary maker, and hates drama. But he is stuck on Doctor Who as part of an on-going punishment, which will last the remaining 3 years of his BBC contract. He “Huffs” a lot, and realises that if he ever wants to get a job with the independents when he is done, he at least has to TRY to do a good job with. He is also very aware that Godfrey is next to untouchable, and cannot stand that as the boss he cannot tell a ropey old thespian what to do, and expect it to actually happen.

Dave (Played by James Maton) The Writer/Director, who seems to be the only person working on the show who wants to be there.  Dave is a lifelong fan-boy and wishes it could be like the 70’s again. He has written and directed many successful TV shows over the years, and is very well off. Some people believe he works for free on Doctor Who, just so that he can be there. He is ever the optimist, and tries to see the best in people, but also tends to over egg the pudding with his flowery prose. Particularly when warning people about Godfrey, who he has come to the conclusion is Satan himself.

Shirley (Played by Luisa James) Wardrobe mistress who has been on the show since 63 when she started as a part time seamstress. Loud, brash, bolshy, and at an age where she doesn’t give a sh*t… drinks too much gin, and doesn’t care. Should have a vocabulary as strong as we can get away with, and every encounter with Godfrey should end in a colourful exchange of interesting insults. The relationship between Shirley and Godfrey is venomous, so it is strange that he could have had her fired years ago… but hasn’t.

Stanley Redfern (Played by Scott Burditt) The Director General of the BBC. Hates Doctor Who, but knows he cannot cancel the show while her majesties favourite actor is in the role and still expect the Knighthood he is after, which is the only reason he is doing the job. He is a bumbly older man, drinks a lot of single malt, and is used to getting his own way by whatever means necessary. He has no issue with treading on and squashing the “little people”. Stanley wants the Doctor Who studio and budget so that he can make an innovative teatime magazine programme!

Secretary to Stanley. (Played by Julie Norton).

Max Harper, (Played by Sean Homrig) Ex MI-5 (could be CIA), and special forces, who now works for Stanley in the capacity of “fixer”. His principle role is to get rid of Godfrey Butcher without actually murdering him. (Stanley knows that if he dies, Dr Who would get some public attention, and there would be at least a year or two of people demanding it be kept going as a tribute…) Max is mid to late 50’s uses military jargon to let people know he’s hard…  and isn’t really as good as he thinks he is. In fact he has spent over a year failing to discredit Godfrey.

Leslie (Played by Will Hadcroft) Leslie is the super-fan who lives about 3 miles from the studio, with his mum, but spends most of his life in his “Fan base” or festival tent, on the concourse outside studio 4. He is everything that is wrong with fandom. He blogs, he tweets, and the irony is that while he may have a vast understanding of the technical aspects of Social networking, the “social” part of it is a complete mystery to him, and he is incapable of humour when Dr Who is on the discussion board. He HATES Terry, seeing him as the documentary maker who came in and ruined Dr Who for a laugh…

Gary (Played by Paul James) and Ken (Played by Lee James Sands) Gary and Ken are security guards. Gary is old enough to remember when the show was good, so that it adds credence to his wind ups with Leslie. In fact Gary just MIGHT be a secret Doctor Who fan, given his depth of knowledge, but we’ll never know, because he’s NEVER going to admit to it…

Mark (Played by Tony Green) The new Production Assistant, fresh from Theatre, and wanting to learn as much about TV as he can to “get on”. Full of confidence, and hasn’t a clue what he is stepping into.


Saturday, 23 November 2013

DOCTOR WHO - Pieces of Eight

Today is Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary, so to celebrate we have been working hard on a little surprise for you all... Thanks to the talented animator Adam Bullock, Bandril Productions is proud to present Part One of our debut production Pieces of Eight as a free to view animation!!! Part Two will be uploaded next week on 30th November. Enjoy!!

Bandril Productions is proud to present it's first full cast fan produced audio drama based on the BBCtv series Doctor Who. A huge thanks to everyone involved in the production for making this possible. Here is part 1 of the 2 part story. The second part will be uploaded next week...

Doctor Who - Pieces of Eight 
Written by J.R. Southall 

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, still saddened at having been rejected by Grace, to a perfect English village green in the spring of 1908. Or does it? Is it really 1908, and is it really England? And just Who is the mysterious stranger known as Stream, the only other occupant of the village? The Doctor must undergo a baffling series of trials before he can get to the truth with tests delivered to him by a variety of unexpected but familiar faces... 

Pieces of Eight is a full-cast, and completely unofficial and unlicensed audio drama from Bandril Productions.
Starring Scott Burditt as the Eighth Doctor.
With Grant Foxon, Philip Fairweather, James Maton, Paul Jones, David Nagel, Steven Hill, Kurt Bergeron and J.R. Southall.
The Doctor Who theme, incidental music and sound effects are by Westley Smith.
Additional editing by Scott Burditt and Paul Jones.
Doctor Who Pieces of Eight is produced by Bandril Productions 

Doctor Who - Pieces of Eight 
The 2 part story concludes....

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


An aborted rebooted American version of Doctor Who written by Stephen Muppet, which would have been produced by Stephen Spleenbug, called simply WHO.

Episode One : Jack’n’Aimee
Written by Stephen Muppet

Narrated by Sean Homrig
Doctor Jack Smith played by Jim Moon
Aimee Bond played by Kailey Bashe
Roy Willard played by Mark Baumgarten
Dave Ross played by Eduardo M. Freyre
Davlek Supreme played by Dean Packis

Sound design and editing by Westley James Smith

Dalek image by Mechmaster. Cover design by Bandril Productions

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

DOOMWATCH - Survival Code

The missing DOOMWATCH television episode "Survival Code", that closed Season 1 (ep.13) has been reconstructed into a new full cast audio production by Bandril Productions. The TV version may be lost forever but working from the surviving Camera Script (which in itself would have differed slightly from the transmitted version) a new version has been adapted by us BANDRIL Productions. The story is (unusually) low on scientific content but high on drama and tension, and is the last in which Robert Powell appears as Toby Wren. The audio drama of Survival Code features a totally new cast:

Dr. Spencer Quist - played by Philip Fairweather
Dr. John Ridge - played by David Nagel
Tobias Wren - played by James Maton
Colin Bradley - played by Ian Williams
Pat Hunnisett played by Julie Norton
Air Commodore Parks - played by Ian Williams
Wing Commander - played by Grant Foxon
Geoff Harker - played by Matt Charlton
Toni Harker - played by Milly Corbett
Sam Billings - played by Lee James Sands
Commander Sefton - played by Scott Burditt
The Minister - played by Tony Diana
Len White - played by Ian Williams
Chief Supt. Charles - played by J.R. Southall
1st Man on the Pier (to deal with the bomb) - played by Ian Williams

It is not known if there was any incidental music for Survival Code as not even an audio track exists but as this is a new production, a score has been composed by Tony Diana


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

DOCTOR WHO - Companion Peace

This is an Eleventh Doctor missing adventure. The Doctor is fed up with his companions Amy and Rory and plots to get rid of them for good. The story is written by Stephen Muppet. Sound design by Westley James Smith

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

DOCTOR WHO - Journey into Time

Journey into Time was the first episode of a Doctor Who Radio series written by Malcolm Hulke from Stanmark Productions that was actually recorded in 1966 but then the tapes have been sadly lost. The Doctor was played by the late Peter Cushing but nobody knows who played the other actors and it's anyone's guess as to what it originally sounded like....  So, Bandril Productions have recreated this lost half hour radio classic.

Voiceover announcer played by Jim Moon
Dr. Who played by Jim Moon
Susan played by Tegan Harris
Teacher (Miss Jennings) played by Laura King
George played by Lee Orchard
Mike played by Marty Perrett
Mr Logan played by Danny Davies
Inspector played by J.R Southall
Launder played by Sean Homrig

Edited by Westley James Smith
Produced by Scott Burditt